martedì 14 giugno 2016


May: soundtrack for Rip The Falcon episode 5 by TIC STUDIOS LLC, as AnimaeNoctis

May: Salverò un pugno di parole suite. Music + 6 poems from Secreta perfección del fracaso by Natalia Fernández Díaz-Cabal (Torremozas, 2010) in the Italian translation by Animaenoctis

May: performance for I Chose You by 2tsi King, as AnimaeNoctis

February: Bang!Bang! - Futurists Of All Countries, Unite! album collab between AnimaeNoctis and Danger to Medulla, as Zumquartet. Published by NN Records


December: Performance/video for No Wind Of Change by Holy Dragons, as AnimaeNoctis

November: Voice acting as Hilda for Rip The Falcon episode 4: Punch Drunk by TIC STUDIOS LLC

October: performance for Dream Come True by 2tsi King, as AnimaeNoctis

July: His Hands Belong To God. AnimaeNoctis music + Michael Paul Hogan poetry. Dedicated to painter Li Bin

June: Contre-jour Allies, Broken Technique, by Alex Shafran & AnimaeNoctis, starring Silvia Marcantoni Taddei, Milena Romanova, Massimo Sannelli, as AnimaeNoctis

March: performance for Reunion by 2tsi King, as AnimaeNoctis

February: performance for African Passport by 2tsi King, as AnimaeNoctis

January: Barnes White Rabbit, London, with Spike Mclarrity, as AnimaeNoctis


August: Reconsecration with Paul Regan, Dublin, as AnimaeNoctis


October: A.I.R. (Adult Identity Resistance), featuring Air On G String dress by Daisuke Tsukuda, as AnimaeNoctis 


January: AnimaeNoctis participates in Yoko Ono’s Add Color (Refugee Boat), 1960/2016, MAXXI, Rome