venerdì 27 luglio 2018


 Passaggi  (Passages) (digital photography, October 2019). 
A series of graphics made for illustrating a collection of poems. 

So Dark It’s Light (digital photography, September 2019). 
Can a new life start in a cemetery? Well, any place can be the one to embrace the mirror of the Spirit. The series is a free narration by images, created to illustrate a short book. 

Lay on Leaves (digital photography, September 2019). 
«Do you want genius or peace? But you can obtain peace through genius...»

Darkness Out of Flowers (digital photography, September 2019). 
Every color has its reverse. 

Flowers Out of Darkness (digital photography, September 2019). 
Or about turning perpetual sadness and guilt feelings into a colorful Universe of emotional and artistic expression.

Coming Out (digital photography, September 2019). 
Helping the Self growing free.

I Do Not Fear (digital photography, September 2019). 
The writing on the wall says it all. ("I do not fear the ones that want me to fear them").

Triple Perspective (digital photography, September 2019). 
Between the double faces of past and future, there's a personal present to improve every day.

Così tra questa Immensità s’annega il pensier mio (doppia fotografia digitale, con manoscritto, agosto 2019). 
Lavoro realizzato per l’evento leopardiano a cura di Vincenzo Guarracino, dedicato ai duecento anni dalla composizione dell’Infinito.
Prestò la sua figura gentilmente: Massimo Sannelli
Così tra questa Immensità s’annega il pensier mio (So My Thought Drowns in This Immensity) (double digital photography, with hand-writing, August 2019). 
A work made for an event dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the poem LInfinito by Giacomo Leopardi.
The one who gently lent the figure: Massimo Sannelli.