venerdì 27 luglio 2018

Imaginary character, inventing myself since 26 November 1994. In order to learn the best way of writing myself I enroll the Faculty of Modern Literature in 2013; after having obtained my degree, I continue with Information and Publishing, concluding with the master's degree in 2018. I realize I prefer another way of writing myself and during the same year I go back to more specifically literary studies with a new master degree, again in Modern Literature, that ended with graduation in 2019.
I grew up believing I would have completely devoted myself to Literature, but at the age of sixteen I get thunderstruck by Music, expecially rock and metal, and I begin to study classical and electric guitar. Now I work with Massimo Sannelli in AnimaeNoctis duo.
Since ever I have a great attraction and attention for every form of language, and so of Art, that I observe and analyze logically and philologically to know and try new ways. When Im not writing, playing my instruments or drawing I'm out of books, living unreal adventures all around the World.