venerdì 27 luglio 2018

DerivAzione: classical guitar and ambient basis merge in an oniric musical pun, between deviation (drift) and action. Enterely composed and recorded during the emergency state due to the pandemic of 2020.

Campo I and Campo II: two short tracks for «uno stile tagliente dai barbagli ora d'acciaio, ora iridescenti» («A sharp style with sparkles now ironlike, now iridescent»). As Mario Luzi defines the writing of Cristina Campo, so AnimaeNoctis makes music out these art blazes, on the occasion of a special about Campo aired on RAI Radio Techete'.

Una mattina mi son svegliata (On a Morning I Woke Up): musical synthesis for accompaniment to the homonymous book by Massimo Sannelli. Electro-poetic narration of an inner path about love, art, non-binary gender identity and Jewish spirituality.

Belgian Suite: memories from and work for AnimaeNoctis’ journey to Belgium, among Bruxelles, Bruges, Antwerp and Gand, where we obtained an artist residence at the private place of Argo Spier (poet and music critic) in 2019. Classical guitar, flute, piano, horn: in this track all the instruments that followed us - or that we met - during this experience are singing.

Nero d’amore (Black of Love): the water pours on and a street boy is singing, in this aggressive, tender and elegantly desolated filmic atmosphere inspired by the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini, composed of electric and classic guitar, flute and percussions. Not included in DNA della poesia.

GuMuTua serious, funny pun in a parodistic death/noise metal style, made for the 22th birthday of Silvia’s brother Guglielmo. We took his first letters GMT and inserted random vocals to create something that sounds like the name of some Japanese superhero, in the idea of a piece similar to an anime opening.

Im Schatten von Zarathustra (In The Shadow of Zarathustra): or about taking a recorder and turning it into an introspection on the ways of the poetic thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, the most mysterious and mysteric among contemporary philosophers. The electronic voyage is accompanied by the electric guitar and the lyrics of the two compositions Nach Neuen Meer and Sils-Maria. Special guest on vocals: Carlo Marcantoni Taddei.

Kitsunebi: tribute to the fox-spirits of Japanese mythology, that according to the folklore are also used to display their presence by creating spheres of fire in the night. The track will not be in DNA della poesia, but in a following album, still only one of the infinite ideas AnimaeNoctis’ minds animate every day.

Santa Quantum: maybe you’ll find this in DNA or maybe not, but it’s one of the most representative pieces in the story of the duo’s artistic growth. The title, in its union of mystical and scientific suggestions, was interpreted by us as a refercence to the Holyness of the whole Universe.

Notturno 2. A Draft: musical draft from one of the not a few Notturnos that will be present in the cd- and that will host vocals from Sappho of Lesbo to Edgar Allan Poe, from Dino Campana to Amelia Rosselli, through millennia of introspection.

A Lonely Flamingo: classical guitar with ambient for the revisiting of a composition - still unpublished - that will be inserted in a suite inspired by the Pisan Cantos by Ezra Pound. The title of the shortened track has nothing to do with the poet’s work - but it shows that balance of philosophy and nonsense you need to name your pieces with at least once in a lifetime.

Tutti (Everybody): little divertissement based on keys, hazelnuts and guitaristic sketches. Featuring the extraordinary partecipation of a tree frogs choir and the vocal presences of Guillaume Apollinaire and Allen Ginsberg. In DNA della poesia (DNA of Poetry) this will probably be the coda of a longer musical transcription dedicated just to Ginsberg.

Introduction: the first track composed by me and Massimo together, when we hadn’t decided to create the project AnimaeNoctis yet. The title comes from a sentence said by Emily Dickinson during the meeting with Thomas Wentworth Higginston, American politician. From dedicating the piece to Emily - one of our favourite poets - to the idea of composing an album in which remembering and celebrating the Masters that inspired the whole span of our lives with their words, imagination and Art: this is our introduction!

AnimaeNoctis is:

Silvia Marcantoni Taddei- electric guitar, classical guitar, cithara, vocals
Massimo Sannelli: harmonica, melodica, kazoo, keyboard, vocals

Plus many others improvised intruments, played by both of the musicians - and working against all odds.
Always thanks to Maestro Pier Gonella for the kindness with which he consents to manage the recordings - expecially when it comes to my guitar parts - in his MusicArt studies.